Welcome to Gay Line

This is our new information site for New Zealand's gay organisations and gay-friendly services. We also include articles of particular interest to people newly exploring their sexuality.

Our origins are in Wellington but with the help of OUTLineNZ in Auckland, and other organisations, we aim to provide information of interest to the nation-wide GLBTI community.

The content on this site is organized as about 450 Articles and Listings and growing.  Each item has a page of its own and to help you find what you want we rely heavily on lists, search and tags. For a quick start use the top tags on the right of each page. Alternatively use the search box. We have a separate page of tips on How to get the best from this site.

This site is a work in progress with many new things in the pipeline to help you find what you need and to help other organisations to share what is here.

One thing you can be sure will not change: this is a family-friendly site and we have strong processes in place to ensure that it is a safe place for young people to explore.

So, watch this space - we're changing!


Gay Line thanks the Rule Foundation for funding Gay Line from its start in the year 2000 and for funding technical development of this new web site. Without their support this web site would not be here.

Gay Line and OUTLineNZ are sharing data on this site and the work of creating and maintaining articles and listings. Initially OutLineNZ plan to use this data for their telephone counselling service and later for a redeveloped web site. We thank them for their work that they are doing to help us bring you a more comprehensive web site.